Understand Today's Donors.

Today’s donors give to the future. They give to make something happen – for a child, adult, family or community – that would not happen otherwise. They give to realize deeply held beliefs and express hope for the future. They give to create change and realize a vision.

Today’s donors want confirmation of the change. They want to know their gift was used wisely and resulted in the change they anticipated. And, today’s donors want to give again . . . they want to be engaged!

Strong donor relationships are essential for securing resources to fulfill mission objectives.
And yet, engaging today’s donors requires:

  • Energized, committed trustee and staff leadership,
  • A shared vision, a clear mission & foundational values,
  • Strategic thinking & planning which outlines a path to the future,
  • Relevant, effective programs & accurate service metrics,
  • Clear, compelling expressions of mission impact,
  • Effective fund development systems & records, and
  • Efficient & productive organizational and committee structures.

Creating synergy among these operational imperatives is essential for engaging today’s donor!

Create Synergy. share the vision. engage donors. maximize mission impact.

Rylander Associates delivers insight and inspiration and empowers non-profit board and staff leadership to create operational synergy, share their vision for the future, engage donors and maximize mission impact.

Using multiple strategies such as hands-on consulting, neutral facilitation, executive coaching and interactive workshops, Rylander Associates energizes board and staff leaders and assists them in building internal capacity. We draw upon innovative best practices, pragmatic problem-solving and more than 30 years of non-profit experience to enable leaders to achieve greater effectiveness.

Identify Opportunities. Address Challenges. Implement Work Plans.

Non-profit organizations have different needs, stresses and capacities at different times in their evolution. Recognizing that “one size” does not fit all, Rylander Associates embraces each organization’s unique strengths and challenges – and offers customized solutions to identify unrealized opportunities, address challenges and implement realistic work plans.

Uphold Core Values.

Core values define the character of an organization. They describe “what we stand for” and remain fixed while “how we do things” - processes, strategies tactics and methods - constantly change in response to changing realities.

The core values of Rylander Associates are expressed in three statements and detailed by three professional codes of ethics. In all that we do, we will:

  • Provide value beyond client expectations,
  • Deliver thoughtful, honest insights and perspective, and
  • Uphold professional ethics and standards:
    • Association of Philanthropic Counsel Code of Ethics, Standards of Professional Practice and Performance Expectations (       (pdf)
    • Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice (       (pdf)
    • Donor Bill of Rights (       (pdf)