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Donors don’t care about programs!

Rather, they care about the specific impact your programs are creating.  Donors want to invest and create more impact for the clients and communities they care about!

It’s natural that programs are “front and center” in our minds – because they require a high level of focus to operate effectively.  However, we lapse into talking about programs, not realizing most donors don’t know the reality of the problem being addressed.

Without clearly understanding the problem as it exists before your organization intervenes and the change your work creates, it’s not possible for donors to fully appreciate the value of your programs.

Providing a clear picture of the problem and then describing the impact creates a powerful story that engenders empathy.  The change in the life of a client or community is what donors care about . . . it’s what they want to know!

So stop talking about programs!

And starting today, how can you use this powerful problem / impact storytelling technique?

Next is “Donors Don’t Care!” Part 2 – Storytelling.

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