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The Way Out . . .

Land of the “latest, greatest idea!” (Part 1) proposed that nothing galvanizes the board and staff team more than a well-facilitated participative strategic planning process.

In fact, the process of creating the plan is as important as the plan itself!

Why?  Because what a team creates, they own.  What they own, they will make happen.

Ownership brings unity, purpose and direction.  The plan expresses the aspirations of the team – and team members infuse themselves into the plan.  There is clarity and singlemindedness.

Board and staff reach a new level of collaboration.  Organizational impact is enhanced by THE greatest ideas – thoroughly vetted and planned – because board and staff wisdom has been tapped to create a new vision for fulfilling the mission.

Harvard School of Business professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter identifies five Benefits of Participative Planning.  (Click here for Kanter’s full statement.)  Some of the benefits are concrete and immediate and others are longer term enhancers of productivity and effectiveness:

  • The specific plans themselves, which enable the team to tackle problems, address opportunities and define new directions
  • Greater commitment and understanding of needs, goals and responsibilities among the people involved
  • More innovation – a larger portfolio of ideas and the involvement of more people with different perspectives
  • A common framework for decision-making, communication, planning and problem-solving
  • Encouragement of initiative and responsibility

Meeting facilitators say, “The people who are here are the ones who need to be here.”  Meaning, the team that undertakes a well-facilitated, participative strategic planning process will move their organization to the future – and attract others on the way.  Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

What is the status of your strategic plan?

Create a plan – always have a plan!

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