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Do you find yourself wandering in the land of the “latest, greatest idea?”

In this territory:

  • Anyone’s great idea for improving our nonprofit’s programs (. . . or mission or fundraiser) is as good as anyone else’s
  • Ideas suggested by well-intentioned individuals are abundant
  • New ideas are appealing because they hold potential for movement
  • We spend more time talking through, and sometimes down, the latest idea than getting work done
  • Progress starts, stops, meanders, steps backwards and sometimes takes sharp, sudden turns
  • We don’t really know what direction to take

If you are casting about in this land, it’s likely your organization:

  1. Doesn’t have a strategic plan or
  2. Has SPOTS – Strategic Plans On The Shelf

Strategic planning is the way out of the land of the “latest, greatest idea.”

Nothing eliminates fragmentation, galvanizes the board and staff team and focuses direction more than a well-facilitated, participative strategic planning process!

Are you wandering in this land – or about to because you’ve reached the end of your current plan?

Create a plan – always have a plan!

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